We will assess your current financial situation and help you choose the best course of action. Below is a list of some of the services that we offer. Keep in mind that there are many solutions available to you and that each solution has specific advantages and disadvantages. Contact Rochelle for an assessment of your situation and recommendations on which service is better suited to help relieve your financial difficulties.

Personal Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is a legal process that is available to a person to cope with a financial crisis. One of the main purposes of bankruptcy legislation is to afford the opportunity to a person who is hopelessly burdened with debt, to free himself of the debt and start fresh - "a new lease on life". This legal process protects you from the creditors if you cannot meet your obligations. A licensed insolvency trustee is required to act as an intermediary between you and your creditors. The right licensed insolvency trustee will make the process as fair and painless as possible, and will protect you and your family. Contact Rochelle to discuss your options.


  • Stops harassment from creditors and collection agencies.
  • Erases debts.
  • Stops salary, furniture, and bank account seizures.
  • Erases all dischargeable debts, including income tax and many other types of monies that you owe.
  • Allows you to keep your furniture.
  • Stops lawsuits and legal proceedings.


  • Has an impact on your credit history.

Consumer Proposal

A consumer proposal allows you to avoid bankruptcy. A proposal is simply an agreement between a person and his creditors whereby the individual pays only a portion of his debts, thus avoiding bankruptcy. A proposal is made through and with the aid of a licensed insolvency trustee. Contact Rochelle to discuss your options.


  • Allows you to avoid bankruptcy.
  • Allows you to reduce your debt.
  • Allows you to keep your assets including houses, cars and investments RRSPs.
  • Stops seizures like salaries, bank accounts, furniture, etc.
  • Allows to negociate a settlement with your creditors.
  • Allows you to make one monthly payment to your creditors.


  • Can last longer than bankruptcy.
  • Has an impact on your credit history.

Voluntary Deposit

A voluntary deposit allows you to pay your debts by giving the court a fixed proportion of your salary or income. This in turn allows the court to pay your creditors using your deposit. Contact Rochelle to discuss your options.


  • Allows you to avoid bankruptcy.


  • Does not protect against all types of seizures.
  • The amount of the deposit is fixed and may not fit into your budget.

Budget Counselling

If you are in debt and unsure of the best course of action, a licensed insolvency trustee can help you to plan and effect a way to contain your expenses, minimize and consolidate your debts, rebuild your credit, and return to a stable financial footing in the shortest possible time. Contact Rochelle to discuss your options.

Debt Consolidation

Debt consolidation is a personal loan that allows you to consolidate multiple sources of debt (e.g., credit card debt, line of credit, etc.) into one loan. This allows you to make one monthly payment rather than multiple payments. However, not all debts can be consolidated. Contact Rochelle to see whether you are eligible for debt consolidation.